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A Case Study & Ideas Worth Stealing

3 ideas worth stealing

We don’t like to beat our own drum, but we do like sharing ideas worth stealing, so we thought we’d do a quick dive into three ideas implemented on a recent client event in hopes it inspires you to try something new.

The event

As a fully remote workforce, building a sense of community and shared purpose using events as the catalyst is top priority for VIPKid. For two years running, Apple Box helped produce the annual conference for 3500+ teachers. 

KBYG Video + Sneak peak

Online event attendees…really humans in general, have very little #brainwidth to dedicate to navigating yet another online platform. A succinct, know before you go walkthrough video of the event layout with some sneak peaks of content can help reduce day-of headaches for your attendees and improve show-up rates. 

Zoom cheer squads

Online events require intentional design inclusive of attendees otherwise they are left feeling isolated and left out of the program. The Apple Box team suggested that every main stage segment be tee’d up by a VIPKid teacher and Zoom Gallery cheer squad welcoming the speaker to the stage. 


{Spoiler alert: The chat was lit.}

Rapid roll Call

It’s important to cultivate a sense of camaraderie that’s often missing virtually, so we did a fun roll call to start off the event on the right foot. The short segment featured the host, the events team, the HQ team overseas and yes, even a video-bomb moment from the company mascot. 

So, Let's Talk!

If you are looking to re-imagine an event in 2022 and want to outsource some of the heavy lifting, we'd love the opportunity to serve as a partner.
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