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The Winning Hack of Socio's Marketing and Promotion Episode

My absolute FAVORITE CMP extraordinaire, Heather Herrig, and I took on fellow event industry professionals in a head-to-head competition on innovative designs for marketing and promotional efforts for event platform, Socio’s Event Hack Hybrid Games on November 12, 2020. We were up against some steep competition, including IBM’s internal marketing team. Our winning hack included concepts around creating absolute FOMO with your pre-event efforts, highlighting the use of user-generated content during the registration efforts, and the need for highly collaborative session formats across audience types!
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The winning concept most adored by viewers was a creative approach to user-generated social media share cards baked right into the registration process!

Big shoutout to the Socio marketing team for this innovative and fun concept. It was a pleasure to participate and take home the virtual trophy! 

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Published December 1, 2020

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