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Convention South Interview - July 2021

“It was an honor to be interviewed by Catherine Dorrough, editor in chief, for the July issue of ConventionSouth Magazine. We chatted about the current event tech landscape, the future of events being hybrid and a little about my background and what led me to this lovely career of owning our own event production agency.” – Taylor Estes, our Co-Founder
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Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

"When you look at the wide array of apps, platforms, and other tech tools that have emerged for the events industry, what looks the most exciting and relevant to you as we continue to shift back to an in-person model?" - CD

I adamantly believe that technology is the solution when it empowers us to do things that would not otherwise be possible, without ever standing in the way. This belief is why we named ourselves Apple Box. An apple box is a film (industry) term and tool for a simple wooden box (of varying sizes) that are used to prop things up on set. If we are doing our job right, then the AV, the tech elements and our team are supporting and enhancing the event, but you’d barely know we are there. The best event tech tools are going to offer this type of ease-of-use solution. In 2020, the tools that made it to the top of the list were easy to use and navigate, offered engagement tools like chat, Q&A, polling and collaboration, but now we need to raise our bar in terms of expectations. I think the tools that will offer the most value to event teams moving forward will have 3 key strengths: Real-time Insightful data analytics (that can actually inform our in-the-moment decisions as well as future event iterations), the ability to connect people together across attendee type (in-person and virtual) and the ability to serve as a place for ongoing community building and engagement pre and post event.

The true power of our events comes from human connection and the tools that can find ways to enhance this relational aspect, rather than detract from it, will rise to the top. I’m looking forward to seeing continued innovation on this front.



Read the rest of the interview here: Convention South Publication July 2021

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