Awards Season
Surprise and Delight

With awards season fast approaching, we are guessing you and the team are discussing options for the time of celebration. We are here to bring you some inspo whether you choose to take your program in-person, virtual, hybrid, or even on-demand, so keep reading for some ways to increase your entertainment value without increasing your production spend! And, no need to hold your applause until the end. 

remember to HAVE FUN

Particularly if going virtual, starting the program with some unexpected fun like an internationally acclaimed virtual magician and a DJ can help a remote workforce feel entertained, celebrated and connected. Shoutout to Johnny Wu and DJ Will Gill for bringing ALL of the energy! When planning to go virtual, working with seasoned professionals that can deliver online is a must.

peel back the curtain

Regardless of your event format, viewers love getting a behind the scenes look. We decided to have some fun and make the final moment of this virtual gala include a drone shot pulling back from the charismatic hosts.



Since this was a fully pre-recorded program with live chat, we also included a hilarious blooper reel to have a little fun after the credits. Viewers are savvy about live/taped at this point, and in our opinion, it’s often better to be transparent and have some fun with it! 

bridge the gap

Are you all tired of hearing us say it’s important to bridge the gap between your online and in-room audience? We can’t help ourselves, and for this live streamed event, we gave the home audience a “special seat” at the beginning and end of the program to give them a fun perspective of the action.


As the people in the room headed to the rooftop bar, the online viewers got a side stage view of the group photo opportunity. Win-win for everyone! 

Craft immersive experiences that move

the needle and leave lasting impressions.

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